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Are You There Molly Ringwald? Or Looking For Life Answers In Film Fiction

“The rejection from my first crush was earth shattering! In the aftermath, I turned to my trusted 80’s movies for comfort but found it harder to relate to them for the first time. I looked for answers in Molly Ringwald films because they typically featured characters who were ordinary and struggled with normal teenage insecurities, but somehow, they always landed the guy at the end of the movie…”

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Maybe It's Not Butterflies, But a Fear of Further Violation

“My back was to the door and I was seated, hunched over a large piece of graph paper and talking to the other girls. As I worked, I didn't hear him come back, but suddenly, I felt his hands on my chest. He squeezed for a few seconds, and then said, "I think your bra is too small." Then he walked over to his spot and continued working…”

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What Do I Call It If I Don't Know If It's Abuse?

“Losing your virginity on cold cement is just as bad as it sounds. When he came (maybe 5 minutes later), he asked me if I came too. I looked at the ghostly-white slimy puddle of cum on the cement next to me and his soft dick and said, “Yeah, I did” even though I didn’t, and wasn’t even sure what that would have been like…”

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